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Double-Take RecoverNow overview

Double-Take RecoverNow is a comprehensive disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution. It allows you to protect a production server, known as a source, by replicating data from the source or an image of the entire source to another server, known as a repository server. The repository server can be located locally or over a WAN. The image of an entire source contains all of the source server's data and the source server's system state, which is the server's configured operating system and the installed applications. The data or entire server image can be recovered to a dissimilar physical or virtual environment.

As changes are made on the source, Double-Take RecoverNow mirroring and replication keeps the image of the source stored on the repository server up-to-date. Double-Take RecoverNow replicates, in real-time, only the file changes rather than copying entire files, allowing you to more efficiently use resources.

In the event the source should fail, you can use the image of the source, stored on the repository server, to quickly and easily create a new source, which can be a physical or virtual machine.

Double-Take RecoverNow also provides features that enhance or extend the benefits of disk-to-disk protection.